What is the Third Sector?

The third sector comprises non-profit-making organisations or associations, including charities, voluntary and community groups, cooperatives, etc.

What types of property can you help with?

We can assist with most types of non-residential property including, offices, industrial, retail and retail warehousing.

What locations do you cover?

We cover England, Scotland & Wales.

I have a vacant property – can you find a tenant?

If your property is wind & watertight and safe to occupy, then it is highly likely that we can source a suitable third sector tenant.

Why are our landlord solutions different?

We believe we are different for a number of reasons including:


Our goal is to offer the highest quality solutions at the most competitive terms.  Some of the solutions we offer are free of charge.

Expertise and Professionalism

In one form or another we have been acting as intermediaries for landlords and the third sector for over 10 years.  The team comprises experienced property professionals including a chartered surveyor.

Quality Solutions

We know that one solution/product cannot possibly fit all circumstances or property types.  That is why we have sourced a number of solutions in order that the most appropriate option can be utilised.

Value Add

From time to time, a third sector tenant we have introduced transitions from paying limited overheads, to entering into a commercial lease and paying a market rent.

I need to relocate, can you help me?

Give us a call or email us and we would be delighted to talk through your requirements.

Why might my agent not find the tenants that you work with?

Many of the third sector organisations we work with may not believe they can afford the accommodation they so desperately need, and so do not actively market themselves or their requirements.  With parties adopting a flexible approach, a solution acceptable to all involved is usually found.

If I find a tenant or wish to dispose of a property, how flexible are the leases?

We fully appreciate that our solutions are likely to be an interim measure whilst the ultimate strategy for a building is coming to fruition.  All our leases will be subject to a rolling break clause enabling quick possession of your building when needed.

How does working with you help with our Corporate Social Responsibilities?

By allowing a third sector organisation to utilise your otherwise empty space, you are helping the community/the beneficiaries of that particular charity or social enterprise.  This is a positive statement to your stakeholders and will have financial benefits in reducing your overall property costs.


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